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I started over a couple times on this one. It is interesting – I can do a few portraits that turn out very good. I’m pleased with my progress and feel I’ve got it figured out – then I struggle with the next one. I only occasionally do a pencil portrait so I’m sure that is one of the reasons I struggle.



I did this portrait of my youngest son a few years ago – he was still a teen at the time. He wanted a James Bond look. He was and still is a tailored suit and cuff link kind of guy.


Just finished a painting of my somber grandson. He loves to hike so that was his choice for the portrait.



This is a painting of my granddaughter Becca. Her mother requested I do a painting that showed off her big blue eyes but when we looked through the many photos I had taken at Uncle Gary’s pond and gardens the photo of her looking into the water was our favorite.



Here is another painting of a grandchild – My grandkids are willing subjects to allow me to practice portrait painting. I paint from photos not life otherwise I’m sure they wouldn’t be so willing.


Another white haired grandchild – cousin to Phoebe.  This is my ongoing project of doing a birthday portrait for each of my many grandchildren.




Each of my grandchildren get a pencil portrait for their birthday each year – this is my latest

Samantha Rose

A butterfly landed on Sammy during our photo shoot and stayed long enough for several photos. Sammy was so thrilled – she requested I paint her with the butterfly.


Sometimes, to improve my drawing skills, I sketch faces or figures in action from photos. But most of the time I draw random things on any paper nearby.

ElderlyMan Tug_of_warConductor CrazyBird

Inspired by Will Terry

Will Terry’s work has inspired me so I purchased some of his training videos. I have learned some great things about color, design and digital painting.


A Royal Tiara

This is a fun little story written by Sara Staker. I’m looking forward to doing a companion book for little boys.

A Royal Tiara_COVER_RGB

Artist As Brand Workshop

I attended a marvelous workshop with host Greg Spalenka. Greg’s Artist As Brand workshop and workbook help artists align their heart, art and prosperity. The best part of the workshop was Greg’s one-on-one mentoring to help each artist discover and articulate our own “Heart Virtue” or Core Virtue.  An artist’s Core Virtue combined with his/her talent makes up the foundation of the artists brand and is the launching point for building a more meaningful and successful life and career.

My Heart Virtue.

Hello World

Hello World









Today is a happy jump on the bed kind of day. I now have my portfolio website up and running. At an age when most Americans are counting down the months to retirement I am launching my career as an illustrator. After one more semester at SUU I will graduate, having spent three and a half years studying illustration learning some great stuff. Being an illustrator has been a life long desire but I wanted to raise a family while I was young enough to keep up with kids. So I stuck with part time freelance graphic design work while the kids were young. I figured I could paint pictures as a grandma. And indeed that is what I’m doing, both traditional oil painting and digital painting and having a great time. I am currently working on illustrations for Nicholeen Peck’s second picture book Porter Earns a Quarter, which will be published in November. I am grateful to all the artists and others who have inspired and directed me.