Mary and Children



Here is a piece to appeal to the Christian Market.

No Touching Secrets



I recently finished illustrating this well written,

gentle story to help parents teach their children personal safety –

I highly recommend it.


Breathing Water



This project was a bit different than my usual – I enjoyed the work – Logo text, tail, and background. I also enjoyed working with the author/publisher S. R. Atkinson.

Ten Little Angels


I just signed a contract with Covenant Communications to illustrate a board book. It will be a counting book called Ten Little Angels.


Just for fun


Practicing a few different approaches as I work at developing my style.




I just finished another painting. This one captures a favorite memory in the lives of my grandchildren. They spent many hours playing on our 30 foot rope swing and play set. They are all sad that we left it behind when we moved to a new house.


Oil Painting


I recently finished this oil painting of my oldest grandson – Allen.


A Royal Tiara


This is a fun little story written by Sara Staker. I’m looking forward to doing a companion book for little boys.

A Royal Tiara_COVER_RGB

Book 4 of Nicholeen Peck’s 4-book set


It has been great working with Nicholeen Peck and I wish her success in her Parenting training.


Third Mailer


Decided to send a simple postcard this time


Second mailer sent to publishers



My first mailer sent to publishers



This is the center of a tri-fold mailer to show off my work to publishers in hopes of getting work.

Porter Earns a Quarter


I finished the illustrations for Porter Earns a Quarter. The book will be printed and ready for shipping the middle of November but Nicholeen is offering a pre-sale price on her website.

Artist As Brand Workshop


I attended a marvelous workshop with host Greg Spalenka. Greg’s Artist As Brand workshop and workbook help artists align their heart, art and prosperity. The best part of the workshop was Greg’s one-on-one mentoring to help each artist discover and articulate our own “Heart Virtue” or Core Virtue.  An artist’s Core Virtue combined with his/her talent makes up the foundation of the artists brand and is the launching point for building a more meaningful and successful life and career.

My Heart Virtue.

Hello World










Today is a happy jump on the bed kind of day. I now have my portfolio website up and running. At an age when most Americans are counting down the months to retirement I am launching my career as an illustrator. After one more semester at SUU I will graduate, having spent three and a half years studying illustration learning some great stuff. Being an illustrator has been a life long desire but I wanted to raise a family while I was young enough to keep up with kids. So I stuck with part time freelance graphic design work while the kids were young. I figured I could paint pictures as a grandma. And indeed that is what I’m doing, both traditional oil painting and digital painting and having a great time. I am currently working on illustrations for Nicholeen Peck’s second picture book Porter Earns a Quarter, which will be published in November. I am grateful to all the artists and others who have inspired and directed me.

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