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I did this portrait of my youngest son a few years ago – he was still a teen at the time. He wanted a James Bond look. He was and still is a tailored suit and cuff link kind of guy.


Just finished a painting of my somber grandson. He loves to hike so that was his choice for the portrait.



This is a painting of my granddaughter Becca. Her mother requested I do a painting that showed off her big blue eyes but when we looked through the many photos I had taken at Uncle Gary’s pond and gardens the photo of her looking into the water was our favorite.



Here is another painting of a grandchild – My grandkids are willing subjects to allow me to¬†practice portrait painting. I paint from photos not life otherwise I’m sure they wouldn’t be so willing.

Samantha Rose

A butterfly landed on Sammy during our photo shoot and stayed long enough for several photos. Sammy was so thrilled – she requested I paint her with the butterfly.